With Rozin's angel flying overhead, Jey Mammon makes his debut driving La Peña de Morfi

With Rozin’s angel flying overhead, Jey Mammon makes his debut driving La Peña de Morfi

The Rock of Morfi“, the successful program created by the recently deceased Gerard Rozinwill return this Sunday to the screen of call with his classic five-hour weekly send that this year will have the comedian, presenter and musician Jay Mamon in driving.

In duet with model Jésica CirioMammon will return to the Bullet Channel of America, where with its late night “The Mammons” left the channel’s best audiences.

Mammon will bring the musical gifts with which he stood out on his previous talk show to this new role in a program particularly receptive to his talents on the piano and improvisations.

For the first program of the renewed cycle, they will be guests Abel Pintos, Lito Vitale, Sandra Mihanovich, Los Palmeras and Los 4 de Córdoba.

Mammon returns to Telefe after being part of “La pelu” ten years ago, among various projects on the channel, to face the Sunday show and another show during the week that is preparing.

The variety cycle will extend from 11 to 16 and will retain its original format, in which the two leaders receive musicians and personalities of national culture.

In this new season of “La Peña de Morfi”, the Chef Santiago Giorgini continues to honor national roots with the best classic recipes and gastronomic proposals with Rodrigo Cascón and the incorporation into the kitchen of Mirta Carabajal and Silvia Barredo.

Moreover, it will be Ariel Rodríguez will cover sports, Luis Rubio and Pato Muzzio will do humor and the trio Dos Más Uno will perform songs.

“I’m very happy, happy and also excited because it’s a homecoming: I started a few years ago with ‘La Pelu’, and today I had a message from a musician from Telefe who said ‘welcome home’ to me, it’s like we say on the channel, so I’m very happy to be going home,” said Jey Mammon at an event to present the program to the press, which included lunch and a few songs at the channel’s studios in Martínez.

In this context, the new host of “La Peña…” also made the inescapable mention of Rozín, who died last month, and said that he was “also very happy to have this house which is ‘La Peña of Morfi’, that she is angelized by Gerardo, which is a double emotion“.

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Jésica Cirio will also host the new format of “La peña de Morfi”.

“This team has recognized the solidity of having accompanied this program for six years and, before starting, I want to thank the team because they make my job easier; thank you for allowing me to open the piano”, said added the musician, who played and sang a few songs during lunch.

Regarding his role with the piano in the program, Mammon felt that “the accompaniment of the music will also be a privilege and an honor” and underlined the importance that “the house of music reopens its doors; in honor of Gerardo, it will be a pleasure“.

In the case of Jésica Cirio, the host, defined that “‘La Peña de Morfi’ is a program that is the home of music and is there to celebrate artists and musicians“.

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Los Palmeras, special guests in the first program of "the rock of Morfi"by Telefe.

Los Palmeras, luxury guests in the first program of “La peña de Morfi”, by Telefe.

“Thank you for allowing us to carry out this magnificent program; we are very happy that he is leaving with his seventh season with all this great team and with the addition of the number one: a complete artist like few others and, the most beautiful of all, very humble”, the model made the praise of his new partner at the head of the expedition.

William Pendinoheavyweight in the executive direction of programming at Telefe (his position is VP Head Brand for Paramount’s Southern Cone), enthusiastically introduced the new hosting duo: “We are starting to feel a bit of the climate of what will be happening every Sunday, with this show that fills us with satisfaction and brings families together around TV.“.

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The trio Dos Más Uno, sponsored by Rozín, has become a classic and will continue to perform their songs.

The trio Dos Más Uno, sponsored by Rozín, has become a classic and will continue to perform their songs.

The executive defined the Sunday show as “a space for our musicians and artists; a program with humor and songs with a lot of cooking and emotion, where all the emotions go through us and we live them on the surface”.

“It fills us with pride to be able to do this program, with the indisputable and incomparable cachet of our eternal Gerardo Rozín, with Jésica, Santiago, Rodrigo and this year the welcome of Jey, who joins the program with all his talent, his humor and his generosity,” he added.

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