With these 5 tips, you can get the most out of FaceTime

With these 5 tips, you can get the most out of FaceTime

FaceTime features. (photo: tusexpertosapps.com)

One of the Apps designed, developed by Manzana and the most used by users is face to face. Also, not so long ago, the Cupertino-based company breathed new life into it by integrating new functions. For this reason, Infobae brings this article to show which are the 5 best.

FaceTime is the application used by the vast majority of Apple users to do video calls with other people who have also devices or products of the Cupertino company. It never had any truly amazing features until Apple, in one of its latest updates, introduces a number of improvements which, without a doubt, have made this application one of the best alternatives for virtual meetings. At first, a few simple steps will be detailed to know how to use FaceTime.

How to use FaceTime

As soon as you start using FaceTime, the user will realize that it is really simple. The best thing is that the communications in this app are with the better quality and smoothness. It also does not require a special account or nickname to be available.

All you need is the contact details of the person you want to start a conversation with or accept a call. For this you must have the number of telephone number or e-mail address of this person. To do this, follow the steps detailed below:

1. Open FaceTime on the Apple device.

2. Click on the search bar located at the top center of the screen.

3. Write the name of the contact you want to communicate with.

4. Now click on that contact.

5. Finally, click on the video icon, located on the far right.

Start a video call on FaceTime.  (photo: iPadize)
Start a video call on FaceTime. (photo: iPadize)

Top 5 FaceTime Features

– FaceTime isn’t just for Apple devices

One of the most outstanding features that surprised all users when Apple announced that the users without Apple devices can join a FaceTime call via a link shared by the organizer of this meeting.

This undoubtedly helps to increase the number of occasions in which this service can be used to make a video call, despite the fact that some members do not have devices with the bitten apple logo.

FaceTime multi-device compatibility.  (photo: ComputerHoy.com)
FaceTime multi-device compatibility. (photo: ComputerHoy.com)

– Screen sharing

Screen sharing should have been in this app a long time ago, but luckily better late than never.

Moreover, in this case, you will not only be able to share the screen of the computerbut the Cupertino company also allows you to share the screen of your iPhone Is iPadwhich will be very practical, especially when you want to explain how to perform an action on these devices.

Share screen on FaceTime.  (picture: YouTube)
Share screen on FaceTime. (picture: YouTube)

– Using Memojis

A very fun feature that gives FaceTime a very dynamic and different touch is the fact of using memoji.

These will completely cover the face and they will make the same gestures as oneself. Functionally, it doesn’t add anything new, but it’s a lot of fun to use.

Memoji on FaceTime.  (photo: very interesting)
Memoji on FaceTime. (photo: very interesting)

– Background blur

On many occasions, video calls need to be made in unsuitable environments.

Therefore, the possibility of blurring the background is good news to obtain a much cleaner and more adequate image, especially in all the cases that have been mentioned where the location does not help.

Blurred background in FaceTime.  (photo: pocket stuffed animals)
Blurred background in FaceTime. (photo: pocket stuffed animals)

– soundproofing

Finally, and we must be grateful for this functionality since it is one of the differences of FaceTime compared to other applications, it is the possibility of manage the sound picked up by the microphones of a maciPhone or iPad.

Apple has integrated a feature that allows you to completely isolate the noise around you, So the rest of the call only hears the voice and not all the noise that may be happening around you.

The results are very positive, and it is sometimes hard to believe that Some perfectly audible high-pitched noises are not heard by other participants in the video call.

Noise isolation on FaceTime.  (photo: FiXy.com)
Noise isolation on FaceTime. (photo: FiXy.com)


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