without fear that Julián Fernández will leave

without fear that Julián Fernández will leave

The report Newell finally provided last weekend on the latest transfer market, which closed on February 10, sparked intrigue among fans. It is that among the footballers who have had their Contract Julián Fernández did not appear, precisely a negotiation that, supposedly, was the one that delayed the presentation of the report on registrations, cancellations, renewals, loan assignments and first contracts. The uncertainty over the continuity of the central midfield makes sense. Therefore, different sources, from the club and the midfield environment, were consulted. And the message on both sides was the same: the deal is done and Fernández will continue in the Park. Only minor issues remain that do not endanger the negotiation.

These aspects to be resolved, which it was insisted do not hamper Fernández’s future at Newell’s, are those that have delayed the announcement of a new link, which should be provided soon to members and fans. . At the same time, details will also be given on the purchase of 50% of the pass. The Parque club already had half the pass from the moment the player arrived from Palestino de Chile in 2019, paying a sum of 273 thousand dollars for this percentage.

One issue still pending is the payment of monies owed to Fernández. But no one doubts that it will be resolved imminently. On this occasion, the renewal of the contract will be confirmed, in addition to the acquisition of half of the pass, and its cost. It is not excluded from the Parc club that they will give all the details in the next report of the new pass market, which opened this Monday, May 23.

The certainty that Fernández will continue to wear the red and black jersey was also evidenced by the fact that Sanguinetti did not ask for a number five for the next half, having only Juan Sforza as a backup for this position. Diego Calcaterra, another of the club’s central midfielders, failed to reach an agreement and will be released on June 30, coveted by clubs like Racing and Colón.

Fernández’s predisposition to prolong his career in leprosy never doubted, although their link ends on June 30. During those six months, he could have negotiated with another club, knowing that by mid-year he would have the pass in his possession, but something like that never crossed his mind. There was a predisposition on both sides to close positions, aware that beyond a standoff, an end desired by all would be reached.

Fernández has been with Newell for three years, he is one of the most experienced and one of the leading voices on campus. He’s a combative midfielder who Leprosy usually couldn’t replace when he was out through injury or suspension. His continuity is one less issue and, although he hasn’t signed the contract yet, there’s no kind of fear that he’s going to leave.

Pending a definition on the matter, The footballer fills the pre-season normally with the rest of the Jorge Griffa Center campus. Apparently, he will continue to practice on this property for a few more years.

Castro is training and they are waiting for Sordo

The first training of the week, developed this Monday morning in Bella Vista, had as a highlight the presence of Nicolas Castro. The midfielder has returned to work after undergoing surgery for appendicitis, and as the days go by he will step up his routine. It’s still pending Ramiro Sordo joins, who has contracted the coronavirus. It is not excluded that he can do it this Tuesday or Wednesday.

Castro underwent surgery on Friday May 13 and was unable to participate in the first week of pre-season. He had to wait until Monday to start moving. Did light aerobics and light jogging on red and black property. On weekdays, demand will increase.

Sordo is now the only member of the team to follow training from outside. Last week he had Covid. You must take a sample and if it is negative, you will return to work. In principle, I could go back today or tomorrow.

All the others carry out the tasks defined by the technical staff of Sanguinetti in a single team, in the morning.

Newell will have two weeks of work until leading to the Professional League. The game against Aldosivi for the Argentine Cup, which was supposed to be played on Sunday May 29, has been postponed without a date.

Assembly special

Today will be held the special assembly, under the covered stadium, whose main point on the agenda is the treatment of the resolution of the calculation of the budgets of resources and expenditures for the financial year 2022/2023. The first call will be at 6:00 p.m. and the second at 7:00 p.m.

The meeting is convened in accordance with the provisions of the club’s statutes and general regulations. During this, the Board of Directors will provide information on the resources it will have and the expenses to be faced during the period between 2022 and 2023. The partners, apart from the right of request, will express themselves through the vote.

To participate in the meeting, the shareholder must meet the following conditions required by the statutes: active member (football or effective) or lifetime, quota of the current month to date, 21 years old and 3 years of seniority. In addition, participants must present themselves with their membership card and their national identity document.

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