World Simpsons Day: 17 great sportsmen satirized in the series

World Simpsons Day: 17 great sportsmen satirized in the series

In 2017, April 19 was chosen as world simpsons daybecause that day, but from 1987, came out good nighta short film broadcast on The Tracey Ullman Show and that meant the Yellow Family’s first appearance on television. After 48 short films, Matt Greening He managed to turn his creation into a series that was launched on April 17, 1989 and continues to this day. Since Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie they have become icons of American culture and dozens of stars have passed through the city of Springfield, among which several sportsmen stand out.

Andre Agassi, Pete Sampras, Serena and Venus Williams

The tennis players participated in a match with Andre Agassi and Pete Sampras

in the episode Tennis the threat as of season 12, Homer wanted to improve his family’s social life by building a tennis court in his backyard (even though he believed mud wrestling was practiced on the field). The fanaticism of his relatives for this sport is such that they register for a doubles tournament to which several stars who dominate the ATP and WTA rankings at the time are invited.

Due to his obsession with winning, Homer replaces Lisa with Venus and Marge does the same with Bart to make room for Serena. Finally, the Williams sisters invite Andre Agassi and Pete Sampras to duel, so the popular couple end up watching the game from the stands as well.

johnson magic

The former Lakers basketball player spoke with Homer

In the third season of the series takes place the episode Definition of Homer, in which the family patriarch makes a mistake that makes him a national hero. The nuclear power plant run by the malevolent Mr. Burns is about to undergo a nuclear meltdown and Homer, in charge of security, resorts to “Marine pewter from do pingüé”, touch the button that prevents disaster.

This is why the protagonist becomes an idol and receives a congratulatory call from Magic Johnson himself, a star of the Los Angeles Lakers at the time, in the middle of an NBA game.

Tony Hawk

The skateboarding legend was Bart’s friend on The Simpsons

One of the few athletes to have a starring role on The Simpsons was the skateboarding legend in the Season 14 episode Barting Over. emancipates by leaving to live in an apartment where there is a skate park. There he meets Hawk, who becomes his friend, making him the envy of all his classmates at school.

Finally, it all plays out in a skateboarding battle between the athlete and Homer, with the latter being the winner of the duel using a smart board that allows him to do tricks that defy the laws of gravity.

mike tyson

The character was inspired by the figure of Mike Tyson

The Simpsons created a character based on the former world boxing champion who first appeared in the eighth season, when Homer decides to venture into boxing on the recommendation of his friend and then manager Moe. There he faces the fearsome Drederick (or Rufo) Tatum, a former heavyweight title winner recently released from prison.

Tatum is a clear parody of Tyson, not only because of his physical resemblance and history (both champions went to jail), but also because his manager, Lucius Sweet, is inspired by Don King. The fight is, as expected, victory for the boxer by abandoning Homer, who is taken out of the ring by Moe just before the knockout.

Ronaldo Nazario

The former Brazilian footballer had his participation in the animated series

Among his many professions, Homer Simpson was also a football referee. It happened during the episode Marge Gamer of season 18, in which he has to direct several matches of his daughter Lisa, who, taking advantage of her father’s love, constantly fakes offenses that are attributed to him until Ronaldo Nazario shows up. The Brazilian, who wears the Real Madrid jersey, accuses the girl of being a “cheater”, who gets angry with her father. “Another family separated by Ronaldo”, rejoices the former 1994 and 2002 world champion striker.

Joe Namath

The former footballer took part in the animated series

Who knew to be an NFL figure had an uneventful stint in the backyard of the house on Avenida Siempreviva 742 after a problem with his car. His appearance took place in the episode bart star of the show’s ninth season came at a key time for Bart, who at the time was quarterbacking for a kids’ team, but his terrible performances were causing him trouble with his teammates.

That’s when the former player who led the New York Jets to win the only Super Bowl in their history tells him: “There’s only one thing you have to know to be a great quarterback” , but he’s just interrupted by his wife’s scream to let him know that they’ve already fixed the vehicle so they can drive away. The secret was never revealed.


The legend of Brazilian football participated in a chapter

The former Brazilian footballer considered by various pundits to be the greatest of all time also had a brief but fun experience on The Simpsons. During the ninth season, the figure of O Rei had a stellar moment in The Cartridge Family, an episode in which the family attends a soccer game in Springfield between Mexico and Portugal.

In the preview of the match, Pelé approaches the center of the field, takes a microphone and recommends the use of a cleaning product just before receiving a bag full of money. It’s obvious that his time with the MLS Cosmos in the mid-1970s is known more for his appearance in commercials than his play.

Tonya Smith

The former skater poked fun at the animated series

In one of the Halloween specials, Homer’s mistake causes the machines to rebel against humanity and destroy planet Earth. The only way out for Homer and Bart is a ship escaping from Earth’s orbit into the sun, though they discover the destination while already on board.

There they meet “second-class” celebrities, among which stands out the former figure skater Tonya Harding. In the United States, his name was tarnished after a relative of his in 1994 hired a hitman to attack his greatest adversary, Nancy Kerrigan.

LeBron James, Yao Ming, Tom Brady, Michelle Kwan and Warren Sapp

Warren Sapp, Tom Brady, Yao Ming, LeBron James and Michelle Kwan all appeared in The Simpsons
Warren Sapp, Tom Brady, Yao Ming, LeBron James and Michelle Kwan all appeared in The Simpsons

In season 16, Homer gains popularity in the United States for dancing amusingly in a video that goes viral. That’s why in the episode Homer and Ned’s Hail Mary Pass several American sports personalities resort to him to gain the sympathy of the public. “My fans love my score, but they hate my dancing,” LeBron James tells Mr. Simpson in a sentence that sums up why everyone needs his help.

After practice, Homer gives LeBron James, Warren Sapp (American Football Hall of Famer), Yao Ming (former Chinese Houston Rockets player), Tom Brady (NFL legend) and Michelle Kwan (world figure skating champion ) original festivities. win the affection of the public. In return, they help him put on a Super Bowl halftime show.


A Brazilian-inspired character appeared in one episode

Like Mike Tyson, Neymar also has a character inspired by him within the yellow universe. In the preview of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, football fever has taken over the United States and The Simpsons asked Homer to referee nothing less than the final of this contest in the episode You don’t have to live like a referee of season 25.

The match that defines the champion is contested by Brazil and Germany. During an attack of the local seleccionado el delantero apodado ‘El Divo’, that lleva a corte de cabello similar al de Neymar, explodes in el área buscando that el árbitro cobre infracción, pero Homero, weighs a habit sido sobornado para hacerlo, no convalida fault. The simulation of the footballer, common thing with the current player of the PSG, is pushed to the extreme until simulating his death.


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