'You're self-absorbed': Jada Pinkett's anger at Will Smith over the birthday party he threw

‘You’re self-absorbed’: Jada Pinkett’s anger at Will Smith over the birthday party he threw

The scandal at the Oscars Sunday March 27 when Will Smith slapped Chris Rock for a joke about his wife Jada, discovered the pot on the complexity of the bond between the actor of king richard and his colleague, companion and mother of his children.

After the actor assured the Dolby Theater that “love makes you do crazy things” to protect “the people you love,” media attention turned to his marriage to Pinkett. In the past few hours, a video has gone viral in which Jada talks about the anger she felt when Will threw her 40th birthday party.

In one of his now even more popular YouTube show, Red table conference, Smith recalled how he felt “devastated” by how Jada rejected the gift with harsh words, and contextualized how this moment of discussion was achieved. According to the actor’s testimony, his wish was to throw a surprise party full of luxury and surprises. “The day after his 34th birthday, I was already hiring a team to orchestrate his 40th birthday”, Smith said in 2018 what happened in 2011.

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith have been through a lot of turmoilGrosby

“I hired a team of documentarians, it was going to be my big declaration of love, it was going to be what would get her out of her midlife crisis, it was going to be spectacular, something very deep,” added the actor, who hired actress and singer Mary J. Blige to perform their songs at the party. Smith was so sure that Jada was going to like the event that he ignored a conversation he had had hours before.

Pinkett had told her that she wanted to do “something intimate”, that she didn’t want to celebrate her birthday. Will, who had already planned the surprise celebration, tried to persuade her otherwise. When her words weren’t enough and the celebration happened anyway, the actress was furious and she told her husband that he was self-centered, that the birthday had more to do with him than with her. “He told me what I did was a ridiculous display of my ego, and it broke me, I’m still devastated because she was right, it wasn’t a party for her,” he admitted and added, regarding the relationship, “It was a very low point.”

The 50-year-old actress confessed she married under pressure
The 50-year-old actress confessed she married under pressureGrosby Group

At the same round table Red table conference, The Smiths also spoke in 2018 about another difficult time for marriage: their wedding, no less. The actress confessed that she never wanted to marry Will: “They forced me and it was horrible,” she said, in the presence of her husband. Jada said she cried ‘all the way down the aisle’ and opened up about the pressure she felt to get married. I was under a lot of pressure, I was a young actress, I was pregnant and I didn’t know what to do, but I never wanted to get married.”

The actress looked at her mother Adrienne, who was also on the show, and told her she felt she had forced her to formalize the relationship with Smith. “We did it because ‘Gammy’ [el apodo que Jada le puso a su mamá] I was crying. It was like she was telling us, ‘you have to get married,'” he said.

Jada and Will, in better times
Jada and Will, in better timesPA

“Yes, I remember having a strong desire for you to get married and being sick, uncooperative at all,” Adrienne recalled. “But I don’t remember your rejection of the idea of ​​marriage.” His daughter told him he was having a bad time: “I was so upset because I was to get married that I ran down the fucking aisle crying.”

Unlike Jada, Will said marriage was something he really wanted and that his experience was beautiful. “Since I was five years old I imagined what my family would be like, there wasn’t a day in my life where I didn’t want to be married and have a family,” Smith said.

The moment Jada Pinkett tells Will Smith about her relationship with August Alsina

Will and Jada were married on December 31, 1997. in Baltimore, Maryland, and the following year Jaden, now 23, was born. In 2000, the couple welcomed 21-year-old Willow.

In the 25 years togetherThey suffered many shocks. The marriage went through crises, infidelities and media scandals. Two years ago, the rapper and friend of one of his sons, August Alsina, revealed on an American television show that he had been in a relationship with the actress for years. This statement only brought Smith and Pinkett closer, who explained Jada’s infidelity on her show, where they’re not afraid to expose their reverses.

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