Zaira Nara revealed the reasons for her crisis with Jakob Von Plessen

Zaira Nara revealed the reasons for her crisis with Jakob Von Plessen

Zaira Nara opened up about her tantrums with Jakob Von Plessen (Video: “Show Partners”, El Trece)

She is not used to talking about her private life. Much less when going through a marital crisis. And in this context, Zaira Nara decided to stop and give an interview. The model was at the airport when security cameras found her show partnersthe cycle directed by Adrián Pallares and Rodrigo Lussich for El Trece, and far from trying to elude the chronicler or avoid making public statements, he stopped and answered everything that was asked of him.

“How is the heart? »the journalist consulted directly with the model who traveled to San Juan this weekend to meet her professional commitments. “I am very good”was the first thing Zaira responded to, then she backtracked on her words to caution and speak in the plural, and pointing out that she had also mentioned Jacob Von Plessenwith whom he has been going through a relationship crisis since the summer and which they are trying to resolve these days. “We are very good”added about the father of her children Malaika and Viggo.

Although he showed a good predisposition to talk about the subject, he pointed out that he did not prefer it. “I know you work from that, and I include myself, as do I. One day we are on this side. It’s all the same. They treated everything with great respect, but I also want to tell you that these things hurt me a lot. It’s not that I say “well, I’m used to it”. I never get used to people talking about me. It’s costing me and it’s costing me having to expose it all. There is a limit that affects my intimacy, that of saying ‘I don’t know how much I want to tell every movement of my life on TV’”.

Then she got honest and revealed the main reason that led to her relationship crisis with Von Plessen. “It tells us a lot to reconcile their work with mine”said that during the summer she had traveled south to accompany her partner to work, but had to return at the end of February so that her children could return to school.

Zaira Nara and Jakob Von Plessen

And followed by:I put a Stop (I brake) because my children are small and clearly they always need more from their mother”.

“It happens in all couples…”, added the driver and continued: “I don’t give you to say ‘we are living our best moment’, but nothing to come out to announce or declare. There is also a time for everything. I’m not saying that I’m separated -he precised-, but i don’t know if i’d say it out loud“, he said about his possible action in the event of non-continuation of their relationship.

For his part, he denied the versions which indicated that the fact that Jakob Von Plessen was an accomplice of Mauro Icardi during his meeting with Eugenia China Suarez in Paris She was decisive in your relationship crisis. “My family has enough structure not to break anything. », he supported and took the opportunity to also deny the rumors of infidelity. “No, anyone,” he condemned.

“I focus on being able to do what I want to do. Concentrate on work, I’m happy”, she added about her professional present and assured that she was not ordered to drive The penaltythe cycle of Gerardo Rozín for which he participated in the tribute with Jésica Cirio -current animator- and Julieta Prandi.

And on the possibility of being part of the Telefe cycle, he added: “The penalty It’s a tough re contra program, and it was tailor-made for Gerardo. I really don’t know if I’m up to the task. I feel like it’s too big for me. It would be very good, but someone is missing who is linked to the world of music and who can provide what is missing. I should get ready.”

The moving affectation of Zaira Nara for the death of Gerardo Rozín

The moving affectation of Zaira Nara for the death of Gerardo Rozín

For his part, he mentioned the loss of Iván de Pineda as host of the Sunday cycle on the Telefe screen. “It’s a program that was really created, produced and directed by Gerardo. AND it’s not so easy to take this place. Whoever occupies it must go the other way, find their rhythm. Ivan has a wheelwright, maybe he was smart in making that decision, surely. For something, he must have felt that was not the case. Able repents and returns. I know that Gerardo was very happy with the choice of Iván.

Meanwhile, he denied the version that Wanda Nara tried to cheat on Mauro Icardi with his bodyguard and even joked about the broadcast of said version. “Could it be that Wanda dropped that bomb to stop them talking about me?”, he came to think of his sister, who is usually unaffected by this type of news. “Anyone, really. We deny everything,” Zaira said emphatically.

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