Zaira Nara's new life: moving into Wanda's apartment and dating Vicuña's girlfriend

Zaira Nara’s new life: moving into Wanda’s apartment and dating Vicuña’s girlfriend

Zaira Nara showed that she was in Wanda Nara’s apartment

We are having trouble reconciling your work with mine. I put a stop (brake) because my children are small and clearly they always need more from their mother. It happens in all couples… I don’t give you to say “we are living our finest moment”, but nothing to come out to announce or declare. There is also a time for everything. I’m not saying I’m separated but I don’t know if I’d say it out loud”.

These are the words with which Zaira Nara bleached, at the end of March, the reasons which led her to a crisis of couple with Jacob Von Plessenfather of her children Malaika and Viggo. At that time, the model assured that they were not able to coordinate their work: he travels a lot in the south, where she accompanied him during the summer. But later, her children started lessons in Buenos Aires, and the driver resumed her professional activities.

Shortly after, Wanda Nara arrived in Argentina by surprise to attend Malaika’s birthday – a party at which Jakob was present – and Zaira moved into her sister’s apartment at the Libertador Castle, a few meters from the Monumental Stage, in the porteño district of Núñez.

Then, the crisis versions reappeared and a supposed third party was added: we learned – confirmed by the entourage of the Nara miner – that Professor Peters He had written to her while she was in Miami, where she had gone on vacation with a group of friends and where the polo player lives. Immediately these rumors increased even more and there were even those who claimed that they were already a consolidated couple. This was the trigger for Zaira herself to speak: although she had no interest in talking about her private life, she deemed it prudent to deny what, in addition, involved other people.

And though he did it in his own words — he made it clear that he wasn’t estranged nor had a relationship with Pieres — he backed it up with an Instagram post, the first after months: April 15 posted a family selfie with his two sons and Jakob. He, meanwhile, shared the same photo.

The selfie that Zaira Nara and Jakob von Plessen posted to deny their separation

The selfie that Zaira Nara and Jakob von Plessen posted to deny their separation

Since then, they have not been shown together. Neither on social networks nor at public events. She limits herself to sharing messages about business deals or events she attends – also for work – and about her daily routine with her children, of which – at least from what she shows – Jakob is not part of. . He, on the other hand, has never been characterized by a great use of his Instagram and although this photo that they published as a family to deny the separation was uploaded together, he did not express himself further on this subject. : neither on his partner, nor on his children. He directly chose to keep his private life within this framework.

And since she is the couple’s public figure, and keeps her social networks active, the versions just come out of her actions. Case by case, the last few days it was shown in his sister’s apartment on Avenida del Libertador, indicating that he is not in the house they shared in a private neighborhood on the outskirts of the federal capital. It is unclear whether because Jakob is there or because the model chose proximity for a work engagement in the area.

Meanwhile, last week she was in the private neighborhood in Greater Buenos Aires, where she neighbors her close friend Paula Chavezwho -we know- took his side when the fight with Eugenia broke out China Suárez. It was precisely the model who showed an image of her friend arriving at her house: she received it with an incense. “The neighborhood. In pajamas and without sleep, in search of comfort”Pedro Alfonso’s wife wrote on the post about how Wanda’s sister got home.

Article by Paula Chaves on the arrival of Zaira Nara at home

Article by Paula Chaves on the arrival of Zaira Nara at home

During, Zaira Nara he continues to fulfill his professional commitments, trying to avoid speaking publicly about his marital situation. In recent days he attended an event at the Paseo Alcorta shopping center in which he was also present eli sulchin the current couple Benjamin Vicogne.

The meeting between the two women did not go unnoticed since the model had a great friendship with La China Suárez, ex-partner of the Chilean actor. Link which was completely broken last October when we learned that the actress had met Mauro Icardi in a Parisian hotel while she and her sister were in Milan.

And part of the crisis between Zaira and Jakob started at the same time the footballer himself revealed that it was his brother-in-law who accompanied him to the hotel and was his accomplice: He waited for him in a car outside the establishment and then they returned together to the house where his stepmother, Nora Colosimo, and their respective children were waiting for them.

Although the model has never confirmed that the couple’s problems started then, she agrees that from then on they stopped showing up together except for family events.

Zaira Nara and Eli Sulichin at an event on Paseo Alcorta (Photo: @grupomassar)

Zaira Nara and Eli Sulichin at an event on Paseo Alcorta (Photo: @grupomassar)

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